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Kapil + Michele Pre Wedding Party

I documented Kapil + Michele's Pre Wedding party in Edison, NJ. I had to go through a lot just to make it on time. I don't like being late for work; in fact, I tend to arrive early just to capture details that would otherwise have not been captured if I arrived on time or late. I was exhausted by the end of the night. All I wanted to do was pick up my son and go home to sleep. I'm off to visit family in New York, and it's suppose to be extremely hot outside this weekend. Stay cool and have a great weekend!


Landscape image from Badagry, Nigeria.

Me + Dada

I went to Lake Hopatcong today to enjoy the nice day with my family. It was beautiful out there. We got to sightseeing and relaxing. In addition, we got to taking pictures and came up with some I really liked and have posted below. My lady said she was not ready to take pictures, so I do not have any to post of her unfortunately :( Please enjoy :)