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Tyler's 1st Birthday!!

I documented Tyler's birthday in Queens, NY yesterday. What was special about this birthday is that they chose to celebrate his birthday in a temple. It was an elaborate and detailed ceremony. This also marks the first time I've attempted to shoot an entire event using full manual settings on the camera. I believe shooting full manual allows you to be more creative. In addition, it's really helpful in tricky lighting situations where is is a strong contrast between light and dark. I was motivated to do this because I noticed my camera's meter tends to expose for the highlights and under expose everything else. This is bad for portraits especially portraits of people with darker skin tones. Finally, a popular photographer once told me he shot full manual all the time and it shows in the creativity of his images. It's one thing to shoot full manual in a studio setting, but to shoot on the go photo-journalistic style in different lighting situations can be difficult a…

Food Photography Test Shoot

A potential client who owns a restaurant I frequent approached me about taking pictures of the food she sells to help market the restaurant. I took it upon myself to buy the cheesecake  and other food products to take test shots of, so that she will be convinced that I'm the man for the job. I hope it seals the deal.

Test Product Shoot

A client I worked for in the past asked me if I had experience in product photography because he was looking to hire one to take pictures of his company's products. He was already impressed with my event photography work. I told him that I did not and hadn't even considered it. I also told him that I was interested as I'm always up for a challenge. He told me that he would like me to take some test shots, so I wasted no time in getting the necessary equipment and took shots of one of my cameras. I sent him the images via text, and I got an offer right away. These are straight from the camera with no editing involved. All praise due to the Almighty!

Zyon's 1st Birthday

This weekend is a birthday weekend. I've documented two birthdays so far this weekend with the last one being today. The babies were born around the same time as my son, so I had a lot to talk about with the host and guests of both parties. The event in this post was a small intimate gathering of family and friends and was celebrated in the house of the birthday girl. The parents went all out with the the decorations and theme. The cake was beautiful, and the Ghanaian food I'm sure was delicious. I even had one of the kids assist with lighting up the cake otherwise the image of the cake would have been dull. I'm grateful to my clients for their business, and I wish the babies many more healthy and prosperous years.

Sidnee's Baptism

It's been a very busy weekend. I documented a 35th wedding anniversary on Friday, hosted my son's birthday yesterday and then documented Sidnee's baptism today. I got to use my new Nikon D500 this weekend and lets just say that my Nikon D7500 feels like a toy compared to it. I'm impressed with the speed of the camera's focus. The body feels solid and the buttons are easily accessible. It makes me wonder how I shot events without it. Here are some images shot on the D500 during Sidnee's baptism.

SIBEXPO Watch Party

I had the honor of working with SistahsInBusinessExpo's CEO and Founder Aisha Taylor Issah again to document her Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Watch Party in Newark, NJ. I documented her SistahsInBusinessExpo event in Newark, NJ earlier this year. Aisha is doing great things for entrepreneurial women of color. She has upcoming events later this year, and you can find out more about them and her company by visiting her website.