Kelechi's Baby Shower

I had to document two events back to back yesterday: a baby shower in Jersey City, NJ and a 40th birthday celebration in New Brunswick, NJ. Event Photography can be a very physical occupation, so it's very exhausting. You have to be serious about taking care of yourself and eating right. I promised myself I would take one day off a week to rest and relax with family; I decided this because I was tired of going to work extremely tired. I got a chance to relax today and finally make a blog post. The pictures below are from Kelechi's baby shower in Jersey City, NJ. I had to add my own lighting as the lights in the wine cellar were kind of dim. Let me know what you think and do enjoy.

Food Photography Test Shoot

A potential client who owns a restaurant I frequent approached me about taking pictures of the food she sells to help market the restaurant. I took it upon myself to buy the cheesecake  and other food products to take test shots of, so that she will be convinced that I'm the man for the job. I hope it seals the deal.


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