Kelechi's Baby Shower

I had to document two events back to back yesterday: a baby shower in Jersey City, NJ and a 40th birthday celebration in New Brunswick, NJ. Event Photography can be a very physical occupation, so it's very exhausting. You have to be serious about taking care of yourself and eating right. I promised myself I would take one day off a week to rest and relax with family; I decided this because I was tired of going to work extremely tired. I got a chance to relax today and finally make a blog post. The pictures below are from Kelechi's baby shower in Jersey City, NJ. I had to add my own lighting as the lights in the wine cellar were kind of dim. Let me know what you think and do enjoy.

Zyon's 1st Birthday

This weekend is a birthday weekend. I've documented two birthdays so far this weekend with the last one being today. The babies were born around the same time as my son, so I had a lot to talk about with the host and guests of both parties. The event in this post was a small intimate gathering of family and friends and was celebrated in the house of the birthday girl. The parents went all out with the the decorations and theme. The cake was beautiful, and the Ghanaian food I'm sure was delicious. I even had one of the kids assist with lighting up the cake otherwise the image of the cake would have been dull. I'm grateful to my clients for their business, and I wish the babies many more healthy and prosperous years.


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