Tyler's 1st Birthday!!

I documented Tyler's birthday in Queens, NY yesterday. What was special about this birthday is that they chose to celebrate his birthday in a temple. It was an elaborate and detailed ceremony. This also marks the first time I've attempted to shoot an entire event using full manual settings on the camera. I believe shooting full manual allows you to be more creative. In addition, it's really helpful in tricky lighting situations where is is a strong contrast between light and dark. I was motivated to do this because I noticed my camera's meter tends to expose for the highlights and under expose everything else. This is bad for portraits especially portraits of people with darker skin tones. Finally, a popular photographer once told me he shot full manual all the time and it shows in the creativity of his images. It's one thing to shoot full manual in a studio setting, but to shoot on the go photo-journalistic style in different lighting situations can be difficult a…

Visit to Montclair Art Museum

Today is chill day. No events or portrait sessions, so I'm free to relax and go sightseeing. I went to the Montclair Art Museum earlier and checked out the works of Larry Kagan among others. I was intrigued with his work with light, shadow, steel, sculpture and abstraction. I managed to take a few images before I left because boss baby was getting impatient lol.


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