Sidnee's Baptism

It's been a very busy weekend. I documented a 35th wedding anniversary on Friday, hosted my son's birthday yesterday and then documented Sidnee's baptism today. I got to use my new Nikon D500 this weekend and lets just say that my Nikon D7500 feels like a toy compared to it. I'm impressed with the speed of the camera's focus. The body feels solid and the buttons are easily accessible. It makes me wonder how I shot events without it. Here are some images shot on the D500 during Sidnee's baptism.

SIBEXPO Watch Party

I had the honor of working with SistahsInBusinessExpo's CEO and Founder Aisha Taylor Issah again to document her Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Watch Party in Newark, NJ. I documented her SistahsInBusinessExpo event in Newark, NJ earlier this year. Aisha is doing great things for entrepreneurial women of color. She has upcoming events later this year, and you can find out more about them and her company by visiting her website.

Eric + Shirley Baby Shower

A big thank you to Eric and Shirley for trusting and allowing me to document your day. It truly is an honor. I'm working two jobs for now: my day job as a logistics representative and my side job as a photographer. My reason is simple: I have a son who gives me a sense of purpose in life, and keeps me focused on the prize. Love you baby!