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My name is Adetokunbo Adesanya, and I am a Photographer. My father had a strong influence on my college education choice so I put aside my interest in the arts for an Associate's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems.

I started taking photography very seriously in 2007. My interest in photography came by accident because I was initially interested in dance, music, music videos and playing the drums. I have always enjoyed photographs from a visual stand point, but I never once imagined myself being behind the lens. I remember studying album covers and old photographs trying to imagine what it was like to be at that particular place and time. In addition, I would imagine what was going on behind the scenes when the picture was taken and the context in which it is placed. I feel a picture can tell an infinite amount of stories.

I started out practicing with a Sony point and click and then I moved up to the world of DSLRs. I studied books on photography and light. Furthermore, I joined a photography blog which did a lot to enhance my composition and post processing skills. It was a great place to have my images reviewed and critiqued by a network of photographers from all over the world. It opened up a world ideas and creativity for me, and it helped me understand myself as an individual as well.

To me lighting plays a key role in photography; it can make or break an image. I believe in the less is more credo because I believe it helps to foster creativity. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I’m usually very hard on myself when it comes to critiquing my own work.

I dabble in different genres of photography, but I love portraits and documentary photography. I strive to capture the essence of every subject I photograph. I especially love candid photos, natural moments and capturing images of people in their natural environments. I am constantly practicing and trying to improve my craft. In addition, I love to interact with and meet new people with different ideas from all walks of life.

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